Makerspace Development

Makerspaces are dynamic, creative spaces for the innovators, designers, tinkerers and makers. Based on the type of makers you’d like to build a makerspace for, we can guide you through the various stages to make your makerspace a success!

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The first and most important part about designing a makerspace is understanding the target users of the space. At this stage, we would usually work together with clients to study and identify stakeholders of the space and define the purpose of the space.

Stage 2 involves not only procurement of the equipment and machines. After getting the best price for the best equipment, we also offer set up and installation so you don’t have to worry about anything at all!
You don’t need to be a lab tech or spend years learning to get started in making! With our innovation programmes, we can train you up in just a week!
– 3D printing
– Laser Cutting
– CNC Routing
– Electronics
and more!
Makerspace Operations and Services may include
– Maintenance
– Online marketing and collateral services
– Monthly consumables procurement
– Stock taking
– Asset Control
– Risk Assessment
Maker Coaches and Resident Makers can help build a vibrant and friendly place for users of the space. From training the new space users to keeping the innovative spirit alive – Maker Coaches and Resident Makers can be engaged in a monthly or contract basis.
Makerspaces thrive on an active maker community. Events, workshops and activities all contribute to that.

Tech, non-tech, artisanal or a combination of genres – let’s do them all!

Makerspaces and Labs by OMG

  • The Prototyping Lab @ NDC

  • Google Makerspace SG

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