What is Making?

A simple definition for making would be building or producing something. But what we, at maker academy believe is that making is learning, making is to build meaning between yourself and the people around with your ideas and skills.

Making is not restricted or limited to one certain field, but making involves everything that you can see around you.

Making Can Be Challenging

As a part of making and creating new things, you tend to discover that creating and making something new isn’t as easy that you think it is. As a maker there will always be problems and challenges all across the way of getting to where you want to be.

But making new things makes you realise that making in itself is a problem solving method which helps you find the solutions to your challenges/problems.

Overcoming The Challenges Inculcates Values

We believe that overcoming challenges, helps you develop new skills, creative minds and learn to fall hard, but to stand back up and brush the problem of your shoulder and move forward, inculcating values in yourself that cannot be taken away.

Making things and overcoming the challenges you face also gives you satisfaction and a sense of achievement, empowering you for anything that comes your way.